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The links on this page are to .PDF documents. If your computer does not have Adobe Reader installed, you can click Here for a free download. Each document link has a brief introductory paragraph. You can view a document by clicking on the link. If you would like to have a copy of the document on your computer, simply click 'Save a Copy' on the Adobe Reader toolbar.
These are documents created by Stellar, in cooperation with chiropractic doctors, that we feel will be of use to many in the chiropractic profession. If you have any comments or suggestions for new files or for improving the content of a file, feel free to contact us by e-mail at

Introduction to Stellar - Download/View
This document is included with all Stellar Installation and Demo CDs. The Introduction to Stellar is an introductory guide in the use of the Stellar Chiropractic Solutions software.

Patient Questionnaire - Download/View
This document is our version of the (somewhat) standard questionnaire used by all healthcare providers. But it is formatted specifically for chiropractors. The questionnaire published by the supply companies is too general in nature and does not (in our opinion) ask some questions that are very important to the chiropractor. The publishers have proved to be reluctant to change the ones they sell. For that reason, we make these available for free. We also welcome are suggestions for change and improvement. The 'Patient Questionnaire' document contains both the 'patient/insurance information' and the 'history/questions' pages. The 'Patient History' contains the 'history/questions' pages only. We did this so that you could use only the history part, if that should prove enough for you.

Patient History - Download/View
This document is the history section from the above Patient Questionnaire for those who would like to keep (or use up the remaining supply of) their existing entry form but add a more thorough history quiz.

Stellar Daily Notes: Forms and Muscle Chart
The full Stellar Menu includes Stellar Daily Notes (SOAP). An introductory user guide can be found here. Stellar Daily Notes utilizes a set of forms and a muscle chart. If you have a Stellar Demo, or actively use the Stellar Software, you can download the forms and muscle chart. You will then have your own endless supply of these valuable documents.
Stellar notes forms: Download/View
Stellar notes muscle chart: Download/View

Sample Letter to Colleges - Download/View
For many DCs, not much in the way of training separates you from an MD license. If your colleges would add pharmacology, surgery and residency to their curriculum, they could graduate MDs with a specialty in Chiropractic. A similar program could bring Podiatrists, Optometrists, Dentists and even Physical Therapists to the same level. What an elegant way to solve all the inequity barriers raised by the payers, AMA, Medicare, etc. and at the same time solve the 200,000 doctor shortfall in the US today, soon to be 450,000, without spending billions on new 'medical' schools.

The charge may be made that DCs, in doing this, are joining the enemy. How so? Did you choose this profession because you hated doctors? Or because of preference in how you wanted to help people who are hurting? Your available choices in how to help patients becomes unrestricted with a General Practice license and the payers will have to treat you the same as the brain surgeon in the city. You are already very close to that goal and your college can get you there with just a little effort! Specialization into any area will be as simple as ongoing education. The colleges are the best and most logical way forward.

The ongoing financial crunch is forcing most chiropractors to recognize that the current approach no longer works, and the traditional (allopathic) model will not educate you in natural healing.

The newsletters below contain much more discussion of the issues that lead our thinking in this direction.

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