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Why Stellar?

Exclusively for Chiropractors:
Stellar is a comprehensive software package developed specifically for the chiropractic practice. It is not adapted from other general health care software packages. Insurance procedures gathered from three leading insurance lecturers in the chiropractic profession have been integrated into the system. These procedures save you time and money.

Easy to Use:
Stellar is a complete, ready to use Chiropractic Management System that requires no previous computer experience to operate. On-line help files assure a smooth and effective transition to an automated practice.

Reduces Overhead:
Stellar doesn’t take a vacation, require overtime, become ill, expect benefits or require expensive retraining.

Increases Clinic Efficiency and Profits:
Stellar prints insurance claims and monthly statements with the push of a button, saving you and your staff hours of costly labor. Stellar decreases your work load. It helps make your staff more efficient. No work goes unbilled and no money goes unaccounted. As work is completed, the information is quickly and permanently stored in the computer for printing or electronic claims transmission.

Improves Cash Flow:
Computerizing your office has become an absolute necessity! Stellar will actually improve your cash flow by allowing you to have tighter control over your practice, giving you more cash in your pocket every day.

Continuous Updates:
Stellar is designed so that enhancements and updates can be easily added to systems already installed. We generally update the software a minimum of twice a year, keeping current with changes in the chiropractic field. We also need to update occasionally to accommodate changes by Medicare or other insurance carriers. Our research and development staff is constantly devising new ways to improve the productivity and efficiency of our software in order to improve the productivity and efficiency of your practice. These updates can be downloaded or mailed to you on CD, as long as you have a support agreement.

Download our fully-functional demo and see for yourself what Stellar can do! To help you get started, check out our Introduction to Using Stellar (PDF document).

Recommended System Requirements:
Windows 10
2 GHz Processor
10 GB free hard disk space
CD-ROM Drive
100 Megabit or better Wired Network for multi-computer setups
(can use wireless, but not recommended)
For backing up:
USB Flash Drive (2 GB or better, 8 GB recommended)
or CD-RW Drive
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